AOI-M series Optical Inspection Equipment
TZTEK AOI-M series Optical Inspection Equipment combines many technologies such as TZTEK optical detection, autonomous Cam analysis and AI deep learning, as well as the detection and measurement integration equipment. It combines the traditional algorithm with AI algorithm to effectively perform false point filtering. It has a variety of resolution options, can adapt to different application scenarios, good detection effect, high degree of automation, low maintenance cost, and can be widely used in PCB, FPC, IC carrier board circuit detection.
AOI-OL Rigid Board On-line Optical Inspection Equipment
TZTEK AOI-OL On-line Optical Inspection Equipment integrates multiple technologies such as TZTEK optical inspection, independent Cam resolution and AI deep learning, with characteristics of high precision, high resolution and high efficiency. Connecting the etching line can automatically detect the size and thickness of the board, and automatically adapt to achieve the optimal drawing effect, which greatly reduces labor costs. Can be widely used in various PCB inner and outer layer inspection.